Shayda and her big fat hen.
Wednesday, January 10, 2018
By MF Foto
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My Daughter, Shayda is such a kind soul with a true love for animals. At just two-years-old you will find her hugging, kissing, cuddling anything with fur, feathers or heck she even loves bugs! When we got over a dozen chicks last spring, they quickly went from egg laying, bug eaters to Shayda's best friends. She follows them around and quickly gets upset if they run away from her. She will even throw herself on the ground and cry until she gets to hold one. Now, they don't mind her sticky little hands holding them and squeezing them, until an egg pops out. (this really happened).

Both of my girls get kind of tired of having to be Mommy's model... However, without hesitation, Shayda is ready to be in the spot light as soon as I mention her giant dog, Flash or beloved Hens.

I hope you enjoy these portraits as much as I loved creating them. I know I will treasure these memories and portraits, forever!

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